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2nd international workshop on Renewable Energy in Azores Island 11-15 JUNE 2012

2nd INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON RENEWABLE ENERGY IN AZORES ISLANDS 11-15 JUNE 2012Hosted by the University of Azores (Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel island, Portugal) and organized in cooperation with CRUSUS (Sustainability Crusade Observatory), Leuphana University and the Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management of the University Nova of Lisbon.

Initially, the workshop sessions will address the natural and anthropogenic sources to climate change, including also the influence exerted by volcanic activities. Secondly, it will highlight the state and trends of carbon credits issuance from renewable energy projects. Then, examples of policies and incentives implemented for exploitation of renewable energy sources and their related outcomes will be presented. Financing and management control of projects related to renewable energy technologies will be discussed in the subsequent session with supporting examples. Then, a special attention on the use of geomatics for mapping the potential of renewable energy sources in different territories and the benefits associated with their exploitation. This will provide participants a background for a multi-criteria decision-making on renewable energy sources in a nation-wide or regional level that will be the core of the following session, illustrating regions of different sizes in surface area, population, economic activities and natural conditions.

There will be a final session in which all lecturers will be invited to attend and discuss on selected topics by participants to develop some conclusions and provide inputs for further research and practice in the field of renewable energy technology and management. Solar photovoltaic/thermal technologies, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass and biofuels, as well as wave power technologies will be addressed within this context.

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