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Stellenausschreibung: Research Associate and PhD Student im Projekt I4S (Innovation for Sustainability), 100%

We are now able to officially announce the open PhD position in the EU project “I4S” (=Innovation for Sustainability). In this new research project, we are seeking an excellent PhD candidate and research associate (please see position announcement attached). Please spread this news to any potentially interested candidates or to other information channels.

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In this three-year project, under the leadership of The Academy of Business in Society (EABIS), eight partner universities collaborate to study radical innovation for sustainability. The position in focus is one as a PhD student and research associate (100%) at the Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM) at Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany. The PhD student will be closely working together with a local engineering company. The dual aim is to enable and analyze sustainability-oriented innovation by engaging multiple actors (both internal and external) in collaborative innovation processes. A particular emphasis will be on exploring sustainable future markets. The successful applicant will also represent the project and present the results in various international outlets (e.g. networks, conferences and journals).

The position has two specific requirements: (1) As the EU Marie-Curie funding scheme wants to encourage mobility in Europe, the applicant must have spent two of the three recent years out of Germany. (2) Due to the collaboration with the local company, the applicant should have conversational skills in English and German. We thus think that it could be particularly interesting for Swiss, Austrian or German nationals who studied abroad (but of course also any other persons with the required language skills).

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Thank you for supporting our search for excellent candidates!