Call for Papers: Creating Solutions with Sustainable Entrepreneurship

6th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship: Lüneburg, Germany , January 14th – 16th 2016

Conference Rationale:

The 6th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship (LCE) will explore approaches to sustainable entrepreneurship and its interaction with sustainability innovations, sustainability-oriented business models an business cases. Sustainable entrepreneurship and related concepts such as ecopreneurship and social entrepreneurship have been characterized in different ways. The conference intends to embrace the broad variety of research foci in this area including, for example, entrepreneurial approaches to reduce environmental degradation through entrepreneurial action (Dean & McMullen 2007), to preserve nature and communities in the pursuit of perceived opportunities of economic and non-economic gains (Sheppert & Patzelt 2011), to initiate entrepreneurial discover (Kirzner 1997) of “worthy contributions” (Parrish 2010) and solutions to social and environmental problems, to search for the most effective methods of serving social missions (Dees 1998; Seelos & Meir 2007), to realize processes of creative destruction (Schumpeter 1939) of unsustainable products, services and organisations through the introduction of more convincing sustainable offers (Schaltegger & Wagner 2011) and to create sustainability transformations of the mass market (Hockerts & Wüstenhagen 2010).

What is different between sustainable and conventional?

Sustainable entrepreneurship thus encompasses a broad range of mission driven, profit and non-profit oriented, social, environmental and sustainability ventures including hybrid organizations, sustainability-oriented niche pioneers and companies creating sustainability transformations of mass markets. Sustainability innovations, furthermore, are necessary drivers of sustainable entrepreneurship which create variations to existing unsustainable products, services and organizations. This raises questions of what is different between sustainable and conventional (e.g. Austin et al. 2006), social and environmental entrepreneurs or between sustainable pioneers in market niches, in mass markets, or non-market societal contexts. Entrepreneurial success with sustainability innovations depends on reacting to constant changes by creating new solutions and bringing them into the market. Once innovative sustainability-oriented business models (Boons & Lüdeke-Freund 2013), products and organisations are developed and established in a market niche, the question arises which of these survive market selection and retain to finally influence mass markets.

We invite papers which examine sustainable entrepreneurship and/or its interaction with sustainability innovations, business models and business cases for sustainability as elements of entrepreneurship. Purely conceptual papers are as welcome as theory-driven empirical work applying qualitative, quantitative or mixes-methods.

Proposed Topics:

  • Processes, obstacles and opportunities of sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Business models and entrepreneurship for sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and sustainability innovations
  • Sustainability pioneers as entrepreneurs
  • The interface between sustainability innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation in social entrepreneurship
  • In depths qualitative analyses of case studies and comparative case studies
  • Motivations and psychological studies of entrepreneurs
  • Empirical analyses of sustainability-oriented business models and business model development
  • Futher studies on the phenomena of sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable business model development, and sustainability innovations


Call for Paper 6th Leuphana Entrepreneurship Conference “Creating Solutions with Sustainable Entrepreneurship” (PDF – 0,1 mb)

Post-Conference Publications

Best papers will be invited to submit to the IJEV – International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing special issue on “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” (open call for papers). Anticipated date for publication: 2017.

Contact for Conference:

Contact for special Issue – IJEV

Conference details & schedule

More details: LCE 2016 Conference website