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Forschungsprojekt: Nachhaltige Geschäftsmodelle gestartet

Höhere Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch mehr Nachhaltigkeit: Jedes Unternehmen hat ein Geschäftsmodell, bei dem durch das Schaffen von Werten Geld verdient werden soll. Doch gehen von dieser Grundlogik positive oder negative Nachhaltigkeitswirkungen aus? Wie können Unternehmen ihr Geschäftsmodell so weiterentwickeln, dass ihre Kernaktivitäten zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung beitragen?

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Organization & Environment (O&E)

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Organization & Environment (O&E) – Business Models for Sustainability: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Transformation Background Sustainability management deals with social, environmental and economic issues in an integrated manner to transform organizations in a way that they contribute to a sustainable development of the economy and society within the limits of the ecosystem. Leaders, managers and entrepreneurs are challenged to contribute to sustainable development on the individual, organizational and societal level. Obviously, common approaches of technological, process, and product innovation, often un­derstood as “technological fix”, are insufficient to create the required transformation of organizations, industries and societies towards sustainability. Scholars and practitioners are therefore increasingly exploring if and how modified and completely new business models can help maintain or even increase economic prosperity by either radically reducing negative or creating positive external effects for the natural environment and society – then called Business Models for Sustainability (BMfS). This pers­pective does not only cover existing organizations and how their business models are transformed, but also entirely new business models pioneered by (sustainable) …