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Call for Papers: Sustainability Accounting and Control for Smart Cities

Special issue call for papers from Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal Guest Editors Nathalie Crutzen, Smart City Institute, HEC Liege, University of Liege (Belgium) Jonas Van Bockhaven, Smart City Institute, HEC Liege, University of Liege (Belgium) Stefan Schaltegger, CSM, Leuphana University, Lueneburg (Germany) Rudolf Giffinger, Professor, Head of Centre of Urban and Regional Research, Department of Spatial Planning, TU Wien (Austria) What’s the Special Issue about? Making a city “smart” is an emerging approach to mitigate sustainability problems caused by rapid urbanization and urban population growth, and, more globally, to facilitate the transition of cities towards sustainable development (economic prosperity as well as environmental quality and social well-being). In this context, new technologies can play an important role as an enabler for sustainable urban development. Smart cities basically, are supposed to cope with problematic trends endangering sustainability and to improve respective quality standards through intelligent initiatives and projects in corresponding key fields of urban development: smart economy, smart people, smart governance, smart mobility, smart environment, and smart living (Giffinger, 2007).