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Call for Papers: Special Issue on „Multinationals, Sustainability and Social Change“

International Journal of Business Environment – Inderscience Publishers.  Special Issue on: „Multinationals, Sustainability and Social Change“ Recent years have seen growing recognition that multinational corporations (MNCs) are resourceful actors that can play a crucial role for sustainable development and social change (Salciuviene et al. 2009). However, while these roles are widely recognised, relevant theories and debates have often remained unconnected.


Call for Papers: Sustainability Summit 2016

Sustainability Summit 2016 – October 12 – 13, University of Freiburg, Germany With its three thematic symposia on sustainable materials, energy systems and resilience engineering the Sustainability Summit has a decided focus on questions of sustainability engineering; this year, however, it will also have a more social science-oriented theme cutting across the three symposia, i.e. a focus on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Responsible Research and Innovation stands for a new set of guiding principles and approaches that intend to make research more responsive to societal actors and their values, needs and expectations. For each of the three symposia we invite abstracts that address RRI in the sense of ethical, legal and social aspects of research and innovation. Conference Topics: 1. Sustainable Materials The optimization of materials, e.g. with regard to maximum lifetime, reusability or recycling, is an essential precondition for sustainable systems engineering helping to reduce the impact of the system on the environment. 2. Energy Systems The transformation of the energy system is one of the central needs for a sustainable future. This …


Call for Papers: „Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship”

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Administrative Sciences “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship” Guest Editor: Jacob Hörisch, Alanus University Sustainable Entrepreneurship has the potential to contribute to the solution of environmental and social problems through entrepreneurial activity. Thereby, it aims at societal transitions towards more sustainability. Despite the enormous potential of sustainable entrepreneurship, the academic debate in this field has just begun to evolve, and, consequently, more research to advance the con-cept of sustainable entrepreneurship is needed. With reference to Dean and McMullen (2007, p. 58), sustainable entrepreneurship can be defined as an innovative “process of discovering, evaluating, and exploiting economic opportunities that are present in market failures which detract from sustainability“. It is not distinct from phenomena such as social and environmental entrepreneurship, but offers a sustainability perspective on these con-cepts (Thompson et al., 2011) and is therefore not restricted to profit-oriented organizations.


Call for Papers: Journal of Environmental Sustainability

Researchers and practitioners from around the world and across all professional disciplines are invited to submit a paper to the Journal of Environmental Sustainability. The goals of the Journal are to: 1. advance understanding of environmental sustainability; and 2. better define the roles and responsibilities of the professions in moving us toward a more environmentally sustainable future. The Journal defines environmental sustainability as meeting the resource and services needs of current and future generations without compromising the health of the ecosystems that provide them. The Journal is an open access green, double blind peer reviewed, journal for the dissemination of both theoretical and applied topics in the domain of environmental sustainability. The Journal seeks papers that expand upon our understanding of environmental sustainability and/or explores how various professions are contributing or may contribute to moving the activities, products and services of organizations toward environmental sustainability. Submittals are welcome in the following categories: Research: articles presenting the results of original research. Synthesis: articles presenting new understandings constructed from previously unconnected elements. Case studies: articles presenting practices …


Call for Papers: Creating Solutions with Sustainable Entrepreneurship

6th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship: Lüneburg, Germany , January 14th – 16th 2016 Conference Rationale: The 6th Leuphana Conference on Entrepreneurship (LCE) will explore approaches to sustainable entrepreneurship and its interaction with sustainability innovations, sustainability-oriented business models an business cases. Sustainable entrepreneurship and related concepts such as ecopreneurship and social entrepreneurship have been characterized in different ways. The conference intends to embrace the broad variety of research foci in this area including, for example, entrepreneurial approaches to reduce environmental degradation through entrepreneurial action (Dean & McMullen 2007), to preserve nature and communities in the pursuit of perceived opportunities of economic and non-economic gains (Sheppert & Patzelt 2011), to initiate entrepreneurial discover (Kirzner 1997) of “worthy contributions” (Parrish 2010) and solutions to social and environmental problems, to search for the most effective methods of serving social missions (Dees 1998; Seelos & Meir 2007), to realize processes of creative destruction (Schumpeter 1939) of unsustainable products, services and organisations through the introduction of more convincing sustainable offers (Schaltegger & Wagner 2011) and to create sustainability transformations of the …

Call for Papers: Reader zur Bürgerbeteiligung

Die Deutsche Umweltstiftung plant die Veröffentlichung eines Readers zum Thema Bürgerbeteiligung, der das gesamte Themenspektrum der Bürgerbeteiligung umfassen und positive wie negative Erfahrungen in der Praxis beleuchten soll. Der Reader soll im Frühsommer 2015 in gedruckter Form und als eBook erscheinen und wird von Jörg Sommer, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Deutschen Umweltstiftung, herausgegeben. Die Deutsche Umweltstiftung lädt alle Interessierten herzlich zur Einsendung von Beiträgen ein. Es sind ausschließlich deutschsprachige Beiträge erbeten, deren Umfang 12 Manuskriptseiten nicht überschreiten sollte. Beitragsvorschäge und Skizzen erwünscht Beitragsvorschläge unter Angabe des Titels und einer inhaltlichen Skizze sind ausdrücklich erwünscht.  Die Abgabefrist ist der 1. März 2015. Die elektronischen Manuskripte können als Word-Dokument an die Redaktion unter Wiebke Rössig, geschickt werden Calls for Papers: „Bürgerbeteilung“ Sprache: Deutsch Umfang: 12 Seiten (max) Deadline: 01. März 2015 Kontakt & Manuskripte an: Wiebke Rössig

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Organization & Environment (O&E)

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Organization & Environment (O&E) – Business Models for Sustainability: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Transformation Background Sustainability management deals with social, environmental and economic issues in an integrated manner to transform organizations in a way that they contribute to a sustainable development of the economy and society within the limits of the ecosystem. Leaders, managers and entrepreneurs are challenged to contribute to sustainable development on the individual, organizational and societal level. Obviously, common approaches of technological, process, and product innovation, often un­derstood as “technological fix”, are insufficient to create the required transformation of organizations, industries and societies towards sustainability. Scholars and practitioners are therefore increasingly exploring if and how modified and completely new business models can help maintain or even increase economic prosperity by either radically reducing negative or creating positive external effects for the natural environment and society – then called Business Models for Sustainability (BMfS). This pers­pective does not only cover existing organizations and how their business models are transformed, but also entirely new business models pioneered by (sustainable) …