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Call for Papers: „Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship”

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Administrative Sciences “Advances in Sustainable Entrepreneurship” Guest Editor: Jacob Hörisch, Alanus University Sustainable Entrepreneurship has the potential to contribute to the solution of environmental and social problems through entrepreneurial activity. Thereby, it aims at societal transitions towards more sustainability. Despite the enormous potential of sustainable entrepreneurship, the academic debate in this field has just begun to evolve, and, consequently, more research to advance the con-cept of sustainable entrepreneurship is needed. With reference to Dean and McMullen (2007, p. 58), sustainable entrepreneurship can be defined as an innovative “process of discovering, evaluating, and exploiting economic opportunities that are present in market failures which detract from sustainability“. It is not distinct from phenomena such as social and environmental entrepreneurship, but offers a sustainability perspective on these con-cepts (Thompson et al., 2011) and is therefore not restricted to profit-oriented organizations.

Job offer: Innovation & Sustainability in the Mobile Phone Industry

At the Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM), Faculty of Sustainability Sciences, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany, we are seeking candidates for the following post: 1 PhD Research Assistant (75%) OR PostDoc (100%) “Open Innovation & Sustainability in the Mobile Phone Industry” Applications close: 15. August 2015 The CSM is a leading research, teaching and transfer institution in the context of sustainability management and innovation and has about 25 employees. The university has been on an ambitious and widely recognised transformation process towards a sustainable university for more than a decade. The position is part of an integrated research project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and the State of Lower Saxony, Germany (“Niedersachsen Vorab”) on the topic of “Sustainable consumption of ICT: dialogue and transformation through open innovation”. The successful candidate will be responsible for a work package dealing with the analysis of collaborative innovation approaches for sustainable products and services in the mobile phone sector, particularly from an integrated product development perspective (e.g. eco, social or modularised phone design and related services). The work package …

Wie geht nachhaltiger Vertrieb?

Im Vertrieb bieten nachhaltige Produkte und Dienstleistungen spannende Handlungsspielräume. Ein Workshop des Innovationsverbundes Nachhaltiger Mittelstand (INaMi) konzentrierte sich Ende Mai auf einen entscheidenden Teilaspekt des unternehmerischen Erfolgs. Workshop-Dozent Joachim Kreye (Bildmitte) beim INaMI-Workshop „Wie geht nachhaltiger Vertrieb?“ an der Leuphana Auch nachhaltige Produkte müssen ihren den Weg zum Kunden finden. Und wenn die Wirtschaft insgesamt nachhaltiger gestaltet werden soll, müssen nachhaltig agierende Unternehmen in ihrem Vertrieb gestärkt werden. Welche Handlungsoptionen ergeben sich deshalb für die Vertriebspraxis im unternehmerischen Alltag? Welche Erwartungshaltungen haben die Konsumenten in Bezug auf Service, Beratung und Verkaufsleistungen überhaupt? Und nutzen mittelständische Unternehmen tatsächlich bereits alle Vertriebsmöglichkeiten?